France Five

For those who do not know France Five, s it & rsquo; d is & rsquo; a mini series of French Sentai, started 1999 and conducted by Alexandre Pilot. This amateur draft mixing the French general culture and & rsquo; universe sentai series, everything d & rsquo; first screened at conventions related to the world of manga and the & rsquo; entertainment and the official website before & rsquo; be aired on Game One.

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So, a few weeks ago, Pilot Alex announced the news : L & rsquo; episode 5 (the Arles) released on 5 May 2012, whatever its condition. And to provide the means to finish the installation, he decided to devote his Sundays to mount the & rsquo; episode. And made, so, a small report of its advanced on the forum Nolife.

I will try to keep here, l & rsquo; s history & rsquo; progress, up to date, as written on the forum and some other places Nolife.

06 NOVEMBER 2011

Last week, I have not been able to advance on France Five because I was in Orleans for JE center.
This week, I could move forward, but hard. The volume of rush and memory loss makes me really hard task.
I do not even benefit from the installation of fun so I spend my time listening, look, see and review each plan to understand what it is.
Could this tedious step be completed so I can really focus on fitting.

23 October 2011

Mounting advance.
Still, I struggled to find my way in my rushes ... I had forgotten that we had turned some shots completely in disorder. We rented the traveling rails for one day only (it costs a little expensive) and suddenly, all the "traveling" plans were made that day. So that everything is in disorder on the cassette. And as we have no script on the sets of France Five, I have to get by me listening to baragouinements Five of France under their helmets (Finally their linings to be exact).
«Hu ah ouiii gouu mashouuu» , it is therefore, "You will die Glug Man Chou ! ».
Not easy to decipher, and that's the only clue I can afford to reattach the plan in its place in the story board.

16 October 2011

It's hard to keep up with resolutions.
OK, I decided to devote my every Sunday at France Five 5.
Fastoche !
But it was not counting the documentary that I had to send in valid’ deadline today, it was not counting playlist, the important mails, the shows would go but I have let down because France has not advanced enough Five.
It is not easy. So help me : do not ask me anything until Sunday May. ^^ ;
Thank you !

If not, here, Five meeting France, c’était cool. It made 6 years that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; had not done that.
Jub (Black) made the minutes of the MEETI on the mailing list of staff of France Five. It's nice, we feel that the machine is running.

15 October 2011 (via twitter)

kamuirobotics : I think c & rsquo; is officially the first livetweet d & rsquo; a meeting #Francefive
kamuirobotics : Ponder it hard. #ouaisvraiment #Francefive
amuirobotics : Crazy stuff, in 10 years, everyone has lost again its weight. #Francefive
kamuirobotics : Alex (Pilot) and Sebastien (Ruchet) en intense cogitation. #Francefive
+ Video :

9 October 2011

In announcing the date of 5 May for the release of France Five 5, I knew I had to take a radical decision on my pace to finally finish this episode.

So I decided to devote every Sunday at France Five. Or depuis 2007, I spent all my days making programs Nolife, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Today & rsquo; hui, it was my first "Sunday France Five" and feels weird to tell me : "Good to tomorrow, I do nothing for Nolife, Five of France only ! »
I have not totally succeeded my shot, because I had to finish the playlist Monday anyway.
Ensuite, I started to mount one of the last scenes of the movie. Et is, I have struggled. I was lost in seeing the rushes, is too old. I do not know in what order it must be nested, what is this plan etc ...
So, I was looking for the storyboard ... But I found nothing, nor in the pile of paper on my shelf storyboard, nor in my files France Five of my hard drives ...

I must say that I lost a lot of things in a hard drive that has slammed 2009. I was getting anxious ... How to mount it properly if I have no records of what we wanted to do at the time ?

Desperate, I did a search in Outlook ...

And miracle, I found him in an email 2007 (Yes, it's the last scene we shot), Nolife since diffusais 1 month.
Whew, I can finish this stage ... next Sunday !