This weekend s & rsquo; place on Toulouse Game Show 2011 (ou TGS) in & rsquo; Diagora Labège space. Here is a small summary of my days and the photos that go well ^^.

So Friday night, pre-opening evening with mainly Concert Bernard Minet… finally, concert… C & rsquo; was rather a special coucoucircus Bernard Minet, all accompanied by various guests, tel que Davy, Josaudio, Marcus, Golgotha ​​and Plaster Noob, Player of the Attic, etc… The least that & rsquo; we can say is that the bernard, it took quite a blow of old and seemed to have taken a bit of cheap wine before the scene ^^ (Must be done to release a “So, you have ejaculated ?” on the scene, in Plaster, then I remember what music). Anyway, a nice evening but personally without really “plus”, although c & rsquo; s always a pleasure to sing it generic old.

Saturday, arrived at 8:45 am to return at 9 am (thank you VIP ticket), VIP retrieve goods and take a small dej. Then move to the scene to see Japan Idols, with, ensuite, passage sur le Stand de Japan Idols. Then poirautage until 13:30 to see the conference Michel Ancel and Christophe Héral. Very nice conference where & rsquo; one can see that these two are apparently big fun ^^. Once finished, I met James, Audrey, Samuel and Priscilla was just out of the conference. Hello and we leave in search of Miam Miam but, oddly, only the Tommy & rsquo; s still took the world but it was shielded. Result : A panini Bad Bad € 5 ^^. After eating panini, direction Japan In Motion pour le passage de Nachan au stand. On a eu droit a un petit rappel des chorées de More-more Lovers et Everyday Sunshine Light, then followed d & rsquo; a little quiz with a small reference to ZIP, his morning show Japan. Content !! J & rsquo; have found an answer and gained a small batch delivered by hand by Nachan (a kind of small orange kit). For information, we can revisit that moment on Ustream. Ensuite, there was a small book signing, where j & rsquo; have rightly dedicated this kit ^^. J Then & rsquo; have found again and after a little james blah, poireautage up & rsquo; to evening concerts.

J & rsquo evening so I watched the concert Running Cats, a rock band not too bad Toulouse, but most important was the concert just after Nachan. At & rsquo; inverse of the Leather Goods, there were less than d & rsquo; ambience, I find, mainly due to the fact that all public n & rsquo; was not for Nachan (There & rsquo; had the kings of Sweden after the fair). If not, the concert was not bad, although & rsquo; slightly shortened, of the evening's launch delay. Suddenly, recalling n & rsquo; & rsquo consisted that; a film a short video to be broadcast in ZIP (all concert d & rsquo; also been filmed for broadcast (in part) in Japan, in & rsquo; issuance of Nachan (I believe). J & rsquo; have not counted the music but there was a total of approximately 8 I think music, which is still a fair bit. Fortunately on Sunday, She also did a showcase ^^ As for the concert of the Kings of Sweden, I can not say anything, I left after the concert Nachan (a little flat of my day ^^)

Sunday, calmer day in the lounge. Already, arrived around 10:45 am (too tired ^^), especially with the “ride” and a talk with the & rsquo; friend James (he explained in detail his meeting with Yu Suzuki, his astonishment when he saw the marquee of R360, and some other info). Some purchases (2/3 tips for girlfriend and 2 nendoroid), a game of Esp.galuda 2. A small lunches with & rsquo; Flander team & rsquo; s (Jerem thank you), and the 2 show case de l’aprem : Loverin Tambourine et Nachan. And finally, I would not have managed to have dedication of Michel Ancel 🙁

Bilan du TGS 2011 : always as busy and as always a full Diagora (strongly that & rsquo; it changes location), although there was a little better in terms of movement between 2 Spaces (the death row was a one-way this year). Always concerns d & rsquo; organizations for points (eg signings.), always sound problems on stage (The volume of the soundtrack for the concert on Sunday Nachan eg.), still uncertainties / lack of & rsquo; information at the program level, etc… Short, There & rsquo; s still got work (^^,) If not, & c rsquo; still a very nice living room (^_^)