C & rsquo; is something I wanted to set up for a while. It s & rsquo; d is & rsquo; a kind of “TV” (in the sense that the & rsquo; control is virtually nothing) containing only J-Music clips (Pibui being the Japanese pronunciation of PV – Promotional video). Clips are randomly distributed by drawing in a clip list from Youtube (broadcast exclusively formal way – and only complete clips) and, of course, with a small system to & rsquo; avoid seeing the same video several times during & rsquo; a viewing.

At the beginning, c & rsquo; was something more ambitious, on va dire, but finally, after losing my motivation, I limited myself to a really simple thing. The main aim being to discover the J-Music for non-connoisseurs, and for the other, discover new bands / singers / songs.

here is the link : http://pibui.cracrayol.org

And here is the feature list :

  • List of broadcast clips accessible via a button
  • HTML and JS only (except the flash drive from Youtube)
  • An alert button is used to report errors in videos
  • [NEW 12/01/12] Adding the & rsquo; English (activated if the French n & rsquo; is not the first language configured in the browser)
  • [NEW 16/01/12] Dynamic change of the title of the page to d & rsquo; display the song title.
  • [NEW 25/01/12] Adding managing music channels.
  • [NEW 26/01/12] Small change in the random drawing clips (rand -> mt_rand + mt_srand).
  • [NEW 13/06/12] Changing the default quality : 360p -> 480p
  • [NEW 05/06/13] Adding Mode “Nolife”
  • [NEW 04/08/13] Mise a jour jQuery / jQueryUI (IE <= 8 Unsupported)
    * Removing the d & rsquo form; adding
    * Removing global comments (I expect a feedback system with clip)
    * Utilisation de l&rsquo;API iFrame de Youtube
    * Changing the menu (Slide menu) + Purification of & rsquo; inerface
    * Validation HTML5

Voila. Improvements will come possibly, if the & rsquo; I feel like one day ^^