MAY : New translation HERE.

Fate of the World est un jeu de stratégie que je considèrerai de type Serious Gaming. It is available for download for 10 € (or € 16 with 2 DLC) via Steam, Gamer Gate or via official site.

Part of the game is quite unusual. You play the role of President of & rsquo; s World Organization & rsquo; Environment, organization created to manage the climate crisis of global warming and what follows. Votre but, in the game, is to achieve various missions ranging from the development of & rsquo; Africa in the management & rsquo; an energy crisis through the & rsquo; abusive d & rsquo use; fossil fuels to maintain the & rsquo; economy at the expense of & rsquo; environment,…

In short, a very game in the & rsquo; the times ^^

L & rsquo; drawback, c & rsquo; is that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; not natively available in French, but & rsquo; editor left the care of the translation to the community via a online interface.

The actual translation being almost finished (although & rsquo; largely based on Trad Google), here's a little guide to help you pass the game in French.

All d & rsquo; first, mo download file Game. Rename the then “”. For the & rsquo; install, just replace the file folder sharelocaleenLC_MESSAGES downloaded by the (make a backup of & rsquo; by former security file). Ensuite, start the game, go to options, put English as language and restart the game. There you go !!

Why not use a folder fr ? It is possible to & rsquo; create a (and it will be recognized by the game) but a problem in the code of the game that the decimal separator is a # (the n & rsquo; is not that “pretty” visually).