Sakura Taisen is (mainly) a series of games which, I do not know why, m’attire. Is it because that & rsquo; is both a game and a dredge strategy game ? Because the designs are superb ? Because music is just great ? …

Short, j & rsquo; love this series. Suddenly, after a short article containing part of different opening games, j & rsquo;'ve been wanting to do a “small” comprehensive report on this series… And here ^^

Update 20/06/2013 : Add the remaining games.

So Enjoy !!!

La Franchise

So,… Sakura Taisen… Where to start so there & rsquo; has much to say on this franchise ?


All d & rsquo; first, that & rsquo; do Sakura Taisen (or Sakura Wars / Sakura Wars) ? It s & rsquo; d is & rsquo; franchise created by Ouji Hiroi in 1996 (output of the first video game in the franchise) Sega and developed by Company and Red / Red Entertainment. Success came quickly and appointments, thereby, it was used in many media : Video games, Sleeveless, animes, musical comedies, merchandising, etc…

With the release of Sakura Taisen IV, in 2002, was announced a new project : Sakura Taisen World, which provided for the (re)creation of 8 games, potentially, export of the franchise outside Japan. Sadly, alone 5 these games were created (others have disappeared calendars) : Sakura Taisen Atsuki chishio (a remake of the first enhanced with graphics, a fighting engine from ST III / IV and a new chapter), Sakura Taisen 3 PS2, Sakura Taisen V, Sakura Taisen Monogatari – Mysterious Paris et Sakura Taisen V Episode 0.


L & rsquo; Sakura Taisen universe goes on in years 1920 but in an alternate reality where technology s & rsquo; has developed significantly around & rsquo; use of steam d & rsquo; water (univers dit steampunk).

It mainly follows the & rsquo; & rsquo evolution; a secret task force, composed only of women and called Imperial Assault Force – Division Fleur (Teikoku Kagekidan – Hanagumi) fighting to protect the city of Tokyo assaults of various demons. She uses both mobile suits, called kobu, propelled through the & rsquo; joint use of steam and spiritual power.

But in order to stay secret, the force used as a theater coverage : The Grand Théâtre Impérial (Dai Teikoku Gekijō). This one, more d & rsquo; be a renowned city theater, is the control center of Teikoku Kagekidan. Moreover, all members of the force are also members of the review theater, magazine inspired by Shochiku and magazines Takarazuka.

With their success, new d & rsquo forces assaults will be created in Paris (Sakura Taisen III) ainsi qu’a New York (Sakura Taisen V).

Main characters

Because of the large number of characters in this universe, I découperais this list based groups.

Teikoku Kagekidan

Ogame Ichirō

Ogame Ichirō

Ogami is a naval officer who integrated the Hanagumi to direct it during operations. The main reason for its inclusion is that & rsquo; he successfully kobu use a prototype at sea. He is the character played by the player in the 4 first games of the series but n & rsquo; is that & rsquo; a secondary role in anime.

Shingūji Sakura

Shingūji Sakura

Sakura is the daughter of Kazuma Shingūji, the hero of the last war of the devil. She has inherited her spiritual strength and was hired by Lieutenant General Yoneda. Although appearing friendly and open, it is the & rsquo; one of the most strong women Hanagumi. She is the female character as highlighted.

Kanzaki Sumire

Kanzaki Sumire

Sumire is a talented actress but extremely selfish, because of his childhood. It is part of the clan of Kanzaki, a powerful clan in & rsquo; industry, which, Besides that, manufactures Kobus. She often argues with Kanna. But despite this, c & rsquo; is a very good driver.

Maria Tachibana

Maria Tachibana

Maria is a veteran Russian revolution. She is the only woman to have had military training before joining the Hanagumi. Thereby, she was the leader of the group before the & rsquo; & rsquo arrival; Ogami. She has a very strict character is very cold and emotionally (even if, Following is the & rsquo; d & rsquo happened; Ogami, s it & rsquo; is a little more open to others).

Iris Chateaubriand

Iris Chateaubriand

Iris is a girl & rsquo; d & rsquo a dozen; years & rsquo; French origin and was born into an aristocratic family. It is often accompanied by her stuffed John Paul. She wants to marry during his Ogami 20 years. Because of his young age, it handles any weapon. However, it has the ability to heal wounds.

That Kohran

That Kohran

Kohran is Chinese. His parents were killed and she was l & rsquo; only survivor during the & rsquo; burning of his village. She is always cheerful and playful. She loves working on Kobus and invent new things. Sadly, most of his inventions always end up exploding, and sometimes, c & rsquo; Ogami is making charges.

Kirishima Kanna

Kirishima Kanna

Kanna is very tomboyish and is an expert in martial arts (mainly karate). Due to its constitution, it is the muscular arm of the division. And she often bicker with Sumire.

Solothurn Orihime

Solothurn Orihime

Emerged from Sakura Taisen II, Orihime is a beautiful woman with Italian and Japanese origins. She has, on arrival, very good relations with members of the division except with Ogami. This is due to the fact that his father, d & rsquo; Japanese, l & rsquo; have abandoned and made him lose confidence in Japanese men.

Reni Milky Way

Reni Milky Way

Reni is a girl (although & rsquo; from, it is mistaken for a boy) German from d & rsquo; a program which aims to train children develop great spiritual strength. C & rsquo; so that is is Reni, at the begining, very remote with other.

Lieutenant General Yoneda Ikki

Yoneda Ikki

He is the commander of Teikoku Kagekidan well as the manager of the theater. He was the & rsquo; one of four members of the & rsquo; anti-Koma unit (as the father of Sakura), advance party of defense in Tokyo. He is a great lover of sake.

Paris Kagekidan

Erica Fontaine

Erica Fontaine

Aged 16 years, c & rsquo; is both a fighter, a nun and a cabaret dancer. It is extremely awkward and causes, in general, more worries that & rsquo; & rsquo when something; it wants to help people. She is the only survivor d & rsquo; an accident that claimed the lives of his parents. C & rsquo; is its power that allowed him to stay alive.

Glycine Bleumer

Glycine Bleumer

Sole heir of the family Bleumer, she is the descendant of the great Norman lords. His character is aggressive but is a trusted member on the Kagekidan. She is friends with Hanabi, who lives in the castle of the family Bleumer.

Hanabi Kitaoji

Hanabi Kitaoji

C & rsquo; is a girl 18 years, very quiet and shy. After his father, Baron Kitaoji Masamichi has left Paris, She was taken in by the family Bleumer. She has a definite interest in Japan because that & rsquo; she spent much of her life in France. finally, Is aquaphobe since the death of her fiance, drowned in a boating accident, on their wedding day.



C & rsquo; is an orphan d & rsquo; Vietnamese. It was gathered, lives and works in the circus “Circus De Europe”. It considers circus animals as his friends, and always smiles to hide a feeling of loneliness.

Lobelia Carlini

Lobelia Carlini

It s & rsquo; d is & rsquo; a thief who was sentenced to a hundred years in prison for all the crimes that & rsquo; she committed (about 80% Paris of crimes associated with it). She appears cold and lonely so that no s & rsquo; & rsquo approach; it, but this n & rsquo; s no & rsquo; effect on Erica and little by little binds d & rsquo; friendship for her.

New York Kagekidan

Shinjiro Taiga

Shinjiro Taiga

It s & rsquo; is the nephew d & rsquo; Ogami. C & rsquo; is the captain of the New York Kagekidan. c & rsquo; is a hard worker and is dedicated to the & rsquo; spirit of the Samurai. Because of his age, compared to his uncle, it leaves more easily tease. It is very close to his mother, a samurai master, and often sending him letters.

Gemini Sunrise

Gemini Sunrise

Gemini is a come Cowgirl Texas, according to the wishes of his deceased master. She d & rsquo; friendly and dreamy character and great respect for Japanese culture. It has a split personality, called Geminine, much more aggressive and observing the code of the samurai. The second personality appears especially when Gemini had depression.

Sagiitta Weinberg/Cheiron Archer (English version)

Sagiitta Weinberg/Cheiron Archer

C & rsquo; is an African-American lawyer from Harlem and head of & rsquo; a biker gang. She d & rsquo; a strong character and is dogged by the rule of law, due to the fact that & rsquo; n & rsquo it, has failed to protect a friend and it was stopped. So, she thinks that all the problems can not be solved through the law.

Diana Caprice

Diana Caprice

C & rsquo; is a young and fragile doctor. Her spiritual strength is such that & rsquo; it weakened his body, already fragile, what l & rsquo; requires the use, sometimes, wheelchair. She even came to the idea that she could not fight against that and it was better to wait for death. His power allows him to see when people and animals will die.

Rikaritta Aries/Rosarita Aries

Rikaritta Aries/Rosarita Aries

It's a singer, a dancer and a bounty hunter. She is very energetic and loves to play with others. She is a perfectionist and has a huge appetite. She calls it a weasel Niko / Niccolo.

Subaru Kujō

Subaru Kujō

Subaru is a former member of the & rsquo; ephemeral European division Hoshigumi. It is considered a genius and says s & rsquo; never be beaten, whatever the competition. Fact, it has an arrogant character and sees everything analytically.

The media

Sakura Taisen was declined in many forms. Of course, there are video games, but there are also some animes, novels, des drama CD, musicals, etc…

Video games

Sakura Taisen is primarily a video game series, games having achieved success by mixing visual novel / game dredger / tactical combat game, and thanks to these images, animations and music very good bills .

And thanks to this success, many games were born, and with different types of gameplay. Au total, fifteen games are released, including pachinko games, of cards online, reflection,…

These games will be further details as.


Further games, the series was derived as 6 Media, a TV series and a movie.


6 FVO are different outputs :

  • The first set of & rsquo; FVO, Sakura Taisen soberly called, composed of 4 episodes, recounts the formation of Teikoku Kagekidan. The last episode takes place in the middle of the first set.
  • The second set of & rsquo; FVO, Sakura Taisen called 2, se compose de 6 episodes. It provides insight into the functioning of Teikoku Kagekidan and characters of each character. These episodes occur during Sakura Taisen I and II. Note that these 2 first series d & rsquo; OAV were distributed in France by VOST Manga Distribution.
  • The third FVO (a single episode), Sakura Taisen called – His ~ ~ Re Mi, focuses on the character of Sumire decides to leave the Teikoku Kagekidan to return to his parents. This OVA was released in France in UNDUB with and available from AK Video Discount Manga.
  • The fourth series & rsquo; FVO, Sakura Taisen title – School of Paris and composed of 3 episodes, recounts the formation of the Paris Kagekidan and is a Sakura Taisen III prologue. This series & rsquo; OVA was released in France in UNDUB with AK Video.
  • The fifth series & rsquo; FVO, Sakura Taisen title – The new Paris and also composed 3 episodes, recounts the events that took place after the departure of Ogami. It s & rsquo; d is & rsquo; Sakura Taisen a sequel III. This series n & rsquo; never released in France, fansub but can be found on the net.
  • finally, the last series & rsquo; FVO, Sakura Taisen: New York NY, composed of 6 episodes, is a sequel to Sakura Taisen V where & rsquo; one follows the & rsquo; evolution of New York Kagekidan. This series n & rsquo; never released in France, fansub but can be found on the net.

Série TV

Alongside the FVO, a TV series was also produced by the studio Madhouse and directed by Ryutaro Nakamura (Other, Ghost in the shell) et Hidetoshi Kaneko (Final Fantasy, Heaven and Hell). It consists of 25 episodes and is based on the events of the first game. However, l & rsquo; story is quite significantly changed and became darker in its atmosphere. The series was released in UNDUB / VF in France and available at Kaze Kaze.


finally, a film was also produced. C’est le studio Production I.G. that s & rsquo; held of it. This film is placed between Sakura Sakura Taisen Taisen III and IV and follows the travels of Teikoku Kagekidan just before the return of & rsquo; Ogami of Paris. The film was released in France and is available via Dybex Declic Collection.

The rest

Among other versions of the franchise, Sakura Taisen was also as light novels and mangas. We count 6 light novels, 3 are written by Akahori Satoru and 3 par Kawasaki Hiroyuki. A manga was written by Ouji Hiroi and published between 2003 and 2009. It consists of & rsquo; a first portion of 9 tomes published 2002 to 2008 and d & rsquo; a second part, In progress, started in 2009. L & rsquo; history is based on the first Sakura Taisen. Un second manga, in 4 tomes, and designed by Okutani Kahiro, Miyako Nami Minato and Masaichi Kyuu was also published.

The series was also available as a drama CD (a story played by official doublers on audio CDs). Il and eu 6 drama CD. She also received several dedicated radio.

The 1997 to 2006 also took place, usually in August, a musical whose characters were played by Sakura Taisen official dubbing actors (les Kayo Show et Super Kayo Show). Part of its representations are visible in some games / anime. Likewise, from 2001 to 2006 played a special performance celebrating the new year. Live concerts are also places them soon 1998, but majorities them from places 2007, to take over musicals.

The series has also received its own pachinkos of Aruze mark for the first and for the following Sammy brand. The latest model was released early 2011.

Retail Games

Sakura Taisen

Sakura Taisen

First game of the series, he is the one who laid the foundation of the series of gameplay. To know, a mixture of visual novel, Drag playing and tactical combat.

It is d & rsquo; first released on Saturn 1996, then was reissued in 2000 Dreamcast and PC. In 2003, un remake – sous-titré Atsuki Chishio Ni, using the Sakura Taisen engine 3/4, born on PS2. finally, it is adapted 2006 PSP and 2007 on i-mode phones.

You play the role of Ichiro Ogami, young officer of the Japanese Navy that is found transferred to Teikoku Kagekidan to form combat the members of that defense unit. But you are mostly amazed at the beginning of finally find yourself in the middle d & rsquo; a theater troupe, composed solely of women, and serving as the puncher d & rsquo tickets; entrance. You eventually learn that this theater is just a cover and, in fact, the command center of the division.

The game is divided into episodes, episodes of generally identical structure (10 episodes spread over 2 discs).

Interface de dialogue

The first part of & rsquo; an episode is the visual novel Phase / dredge game, with occasional moments when you can move your character with the & rsquo; inside the theater and, for a certain time. This phase is mainly made of dialogue and some questions will be posed via a system called LIPS. Depending on the choices you shoed (shod or not), then you will develop a certain relationship with the protagonist.

The second section is the tactical combat game. This takes place over a combat zone 3D isometric turn-based. The controls are fairly easy to understand and fights are not very difficult, if you have, a little bit, a little tactical sense. Note that the characteristics of your characters evolve depending on your relationship with members of the division.

finally, once the battle is over and after some dialogues, you will be entitled to a video summarizing & rsquo; upcoming episode, in the manner of & rsquo; an anime.

Note that the game features 6 different purposes (by a protagonist).

Sakura Taisen II

Sakura Taisen 2

Sakura Taisen 2 was released in 1998 Saturn then 2000 Dreamcast, 2001 PC and finally 2006 PSP.

L & rsquo; history lies just a few months after the first episode and sees the & rsquo; d & rsquo arrived; a new team of demons who still want to destroy Tokyo and take power.

Welcomes this episode 2 additional character : Orihime and Reni (bringing the total to 8 players… and so 8 different purposes). It is also longer with its 12 Chapters (spread across 3 discs).

Combat dans ST I & II

He brings some gameplay changes from the first. The LIPS system has changed little, adding some dialogues l & rsquo; appearance or response change after some time. However, the number of mini games, in the game has been increased.

The combat system also changes very little. It still uses the isometric 3D view turn. L & rsquo; notable addition is the possibility of & rsquo; have combined attacks if 2 characters are placed on each side of & rsquo; an enemy, causing more damage.

Sakura Taisen III

Sakura Taisen 3

Sakura Taisen 3 was released in 2001 Dreamcast, then PC 2003 and PS2 2005. It was developed in collaboration with Overworks (ancien Sega AM7).

This time, l & rsquo; story takes place in Paris, Ogami is sent or to form a new division : Paris Kagekidan. And who says change of venue, said change & rsquo; team (cf. characters). So we end up with 5 new characters, so some can easily be linked to a person of previous episodes, to the character. Il and to 11 episodes, spread across 3 GD-ROM.

In the game, it always keeps the same structure in episodes. The visual novel game now has better graphics (best resolution) and are now in full screen. The free movement phases are now in 3D, and the LIPS system was also slightly improved adding new response systems.

Combat dans ST III

The big change comes from the fight game. It was largely rebuilt part. She is now real time 3D and n & rsquo; is comprised of & rsquo; a grid, you are free to move. Ensuite, although still turn, the number & rsquo; possible by round action is now defined by a gauge d & rsquo; Action consists of blocks (contrary to the limit of 2 shares turn 2 Sakura Taisen first). Depending on the actions that & rsquo; we do, is consumed more or less d & rsquo blocks; shares. Which allows d & rsquo; conduct, for example, more single attacks before moving. finally, used in the menu 2 Sakura Taisen first was replaced by a simplified system where each button corresponds to a type of & rsquo; defined Action.

finally, Deamcast oblige, this episode has the VMU Deamcast and use them to disseminate various small playgrounds messages and also gives the possibility of & rsquo; install a game on the VMU.

Sakura Taisen IV

Sakura Taisen 4

Sakura Taisen IV was released in 2002 Dreamcast and 2005 PC. Note that & rsquo; to & rsquo; origin, it was announced that this episode was the last out.

We return, in this episode, Tokyo to take back the reins of Teikoku Kagekidan. We thus find the characters of 2 first episodes. But as suggested by the cover, l & rsquo; Paris team will also help you, bringing to 13 the number of players in this episode.

Sakura Taisen compared to 3, gameplay n & rsquo; has not changed, the drag and combat phases based on the same system.

However, level content, thereof is extremely reduced compared to other episodes : 3 episodes only (d’où l’unique GD-ROM) and one mini-game. There is therefore a life of three to four times lower compared to previous episodes.

Sakura Taisen V

Sakura Taisen 5

This episode, latest of the main series, was released in 2005 PS2 and exited in 2010 PS2 and Wii in the US and Europe (English only), which is a first series for the.

In this episode, on ne suit plus Ōgami mais Shinjiro Taiga, his nephew, sent to New York to lead another combat unit. And so, Sakura Taisen III like, all the cast has changed 5 new girls to seduce and direct.

At the dialogue part, little change. The only real addition is a new type of reply asking d & rsquo; enchainer shares Stick (a kind of QTE).

Sakura Taisen V Fighting in

For fights, several modifications. For example, we can now fight in the air with new mecha. Ensuite, combined attacks are possible. Just then inserted between two enemy characters and if the & rsquo; combined attack is possible, a “tube” Blue appears between 2 characters. The arenas are also divided into several zones connected by connecting points. Au final, the fights are much more strategic ones as in previous episodes.

Other games

Hanagumi Taisen Columns

Hanagumi Taisen Columns 2

As the name & rsquo; indicates, s it & rsquo; d is & rsquo; an adaptation of the game in Columns & rsquo; Sakura Taisen universe. It was released in 1997 Saturn. A sequel was released in 2000 Dreamcast. For those who do not know Columns, s it & rsquo; d is & rsquo; a puzzle game or blocks 3 gems vertically aligned down the & rsquo; screen. The goal is to create horizontal line / vertical / diagonal 3 same colored gems (or more), knowing that you could not change that & rsquo; order of gems and not the & rsquo; orientation.

Game Screen

This version has some differences Columns. The first thing is a ki bar that fills in as and when you destroy gems. Once completed, you can launch an attack, remove rows of blocks or keep your ki to d & rsquo; have a stroke / stronger defense to the next level.

L & rsquo; else, present in the following, is a game mode incorporating a typical dialog Sakura Taisen system and where your choices influence on the power of your character / opponent. In the first set, s it & rsquo; d is & rsquo; a simple mode where you are free to go to the theater to find people fight.

Au final, c & rsquo; is a game fans can enjoy Columns. But for fans of ST, it n & rsquo; provides little thing.

Sakura Taisen Monogatari – Mysterious Paris

Sakura Taisen Monogatari – Mysterious Paris

This game was released in 2004 PS2. Il fait parti du Sakura Taisen World Project.

In this game, it acts as Kojiro Akechi, Detective came to Paris to see the first performance of his sister Miki cabaret “The Black Pussy”, the same as the hedge at Paris in Sakura Taisen III Kagekidan. However, has just arrived, Miki's roommate disappears and it then starts his search through Paris.

Game Screen

This time, the game takes the form of & rsquo; s play & rsquo; adventure / detective. It s & rsquo; therefore discussing with various characters, to find objects / indices and comparisons in order to successfully penetrate the mystery of the disappearance. C & rsquo; is a pure game & rsquo; Japanese adventure in which discussions are a very important part of the game and therefore requires a good knowledge of Japanese. It also contains a lot of mini-games.

Note that & rsquo; s it & rsquo; is the first game Sakura Taisen n & rsquo; having no exit on Sega machinery (Sega has decided to stop production after the consoles & rsquo; failure of the Dreamcast)

Sakura Taisen V Episode 0

Sakura Taisen V Episode 0

Released in 2004 PS2, s it & rsquo; d & rsquo acts, a prologue to the future where Sakura Taisen V & rsquo; we follow through its Gemini Sunrise in the USA to reach New York, city ​​where the new Kagekidan found that Gemini will integrate.

In combat

This time, il s’agit d’un beat theam up en 3D. Gemini therefore runs on his horse Rally Degomme the mecha at all going in environments in 3D. The fighting phases are interspersed with dialogues typical of the series of phases but are, here, much secondary in the course of the game, and shorter compared to other games. 3D is pretty simplistic and various problems beating down the game, tel que du clipping, worries collisions, not a top maneuverability, …

Dramatic Dungeon Sakura Taisen ~ Kimi aru ga tame ~

It s & rsquo; d is & rsquo; a type of game “Mystery Dungeon / Fushigi no Dungeon” released on DS 2008. It directs the teams Tokyo, Paris or New York to understand why Jeanne d & rsquo; Arc reappeared 500 after his death and why she turns the streets of cities maze filled with monsters. This game blends the classic visual novel type phases with d & rsquo phases; exploration in dungeons randomly generated. It also includes a multiplayer mode, until 4 player, which puts teams in a randomly generated dungeon and where & rsquo; goal is to release the first dungeon.

Sakura Taisen GB

Released in 2000 sur Game Boy Color, found in the skin of & rsquo; a rookie to manage for a month l & rsquo; Teikoku team. On traverse des phases de dialogue, fighting and d & rsquo; menu-based trainings and round.

Sakura Taisen GB2

Released in 2001, toujours sur Game Boy Color, let's meet, this time, in a sort of RPG / dungeon crawler where & rsquo; directing a Kobou, accompanied & rsquo; a heroine of the game. L & rsquo; adventure is interspersed with phases of classic dialogues random battles and turn-based.

Sakura Taisen Online

Sakura Taisen Online is a games compilation, exit in 2001 Dreamcast, is playing exclusively online. It was broken down into 2 versions : a Paris and Tokyo / Teito. The available games are poker, le mah-jong, the Hanafuda and Daifugou. Sadly, the game servers being closed for several years, it is now possible to play these games.

Sakura Taisen Kinematron Hanagumi Mail

Here, this n & rsquo; is not a game but a software, exit in 2000 Dreamcast, used to send messages to other users of the software or using Dream Flyer, All with a similar interface Kinematron. The mail servers are closed for a while, this application n & rsquo; is usable now.

Jissen Pachinko Hisshouhou! CR Sakura Taisen

Released on PS2 in 2007, s it & rsquo; is, as the name & rsquo; indicates, d & rsquo; a game based on the Pachinko & rsquo; Sakura Taisen universe.

Ogami Ichiro Funtouki ~ Sakura Taisen Kayou Show “Benitokage” Yori ~

Not much d & rsquo; info on this game released in 2000 Dreamcast. Contains extracts from Sakura Taisen musical performances and mini-games.

Sakura Taisen Jouki Radio Show

Fan-disc released on Saturn 1997, s it & rsquo; mainly d & rsquo; a show with different doublers. It contains videos (card recommended video decoding), mini-games, des interviews, etc…

Sakura Taisen Hanagumi Tsuushin

It s & rsquo; & rsquo is yet, another fan-disc , released on Saturn 1997. It also contains videos and various information, and that & rsquo; a mini quest, all in the form of & rsquo; a newspaper.

Sakura Taisen Teigeki Graph

Another fan DISN released on Saturn 1998. It contains pictures and videos too low resolution (Lowest on the 2 previous records), and some mini-games.

Limited editions / Collector

Due to the popularity of games, it was logical that the limited editions of games are emerging. I will try to list some of these collectibles.

  • Dreamcast “Sakura Taisen” : It s & rsquo; d is & rsquo; a limited version of the Dreamcast, exit in 2000, a console containing, a joystick and a pink VMU, and that & rsquo; mail software and stylized Dream Passport v3.0 but Sakura Taisen. finally, Sakura Taisen a demo 3 is also included.
  • Game Boy Color Sakura Taisen : It s & rsquo; d is & rsquo; a Game Boy Color limited edition with a transparent shell pink.
  • Sakura Taisen Chronicle Box : Contient un chronicle book, 10 postcards, 5 posters, a booklet in diary form, a statuette of koubu sculté in Plexiglas with light holder, un strap, tokyo a card and a card paris
  • Sakura Taisen 1 to 3 Memorial pack : It is 3 boxes containing a game and that & rsquo; a bonus accessory : a perpetual calendar for 1, DVD containing interview, pubs,… for the 2 and a musical frame with interchangeable cards for 3
  • Sakura Taisen Complete Box : Syle a book bringing together cabinet 4 Sakura Taisen Dreamcast (or ten GD-ROM)
  • Sakura Taisen Limited box (Saturn) : Contains the game and that & rsquo; a mouse to Saturn.
  • Sakura Taisen 1 to 4 Limited box (Dreamcast) : It is 5 boxes containing a game and that & rsquo; a bonus accessory : a rose for VMU 1, un rumble pack rose pour le 2, a music box for 3A, a VMU imitation wood for 3B and medallions and a strap for 4.
  • Sakura Taisen V Showtime box : Contains the game, un t-shirt, un badge, a mouse pad, an artbook, headphones and a PS2 controller Hori
  • Dramatic Dungeon Sakura Taisen All Star box : Contains the game, a bag for DS Lite with the logos of the different strengths and different stickers for DS.
  • Sakura Taisen Online Paris/Teito Limited Edition : Contains game and a clock for the Paris version for Dreamcast a keyboard for the pink & rsquo; editing Teito
  • Sakura Taisen: Atsuki Chishioni Limited Edition : Contains the game, un DVD, a watch and a framework clove
  • Sakura Taisen GB Pocket Sakura Pack : Contains the game and that & rsquo; a Pocket Sakura (sorte de Tamagochi)
  • Sakura Taisen GB2 Limited Edition : Contains the game, a bag for GB Color and trading cards

I have to forget d & rsquo; but I think that other key are there !

Translations / Aid for games

finally, if you want to get started in the games in the series, but do not understand a word of Japanese (but still understand the & rsquo; English) ? Here are various translations and aids to help you understand & rsquo; History / games. The majority of these grants come from GameFaqs.

Sources : I mainly used the various articles on this Wikipedia (mainly the & rsquo; English and Japanese Article), various tests available on the net (mainly on Consoles Fan and Domain Segagaga) and my personal experience on Games.