Voila. This Sunday 3 June was broadcast, sure Nolife, and in a Japanese room, l & rsquo; episode 5 from France Five, episode that will put 7 year out of mounting PCs d & rsquo; Alex Pilot and was to conclude the saga.

Should ? Yes, as sixth and final episode was announced and a mini trailer was unveiled at the end of the & rsquo; episode 5. And why a 6th episode ? Basically, simply because the fifth episode was, after mounting, 80min. What is a little “indigestible” as size & rsquo; Sentai episode. And as Alex n & rsquo; has not found a satisfactory solution to less than 40min, he decided to cut it in half and make 2 episodes. The 6th episode is scheduled between September and the end of the & rsquo; year.

Voila. All episodes are available for free (and the making-of 4 first episodes) streaming on Nolife Online (subscribe ^^).

Here are the links :

Episode 1 (making-of)

Episode 2 (making-of)

Episode 3 (making-of)

Episode 4 (making-of)

Episode 5 (Japanese subtitled version) (Downloading)