C & rsquo; is crazy what & rsquo; one can do with JavaScript.

Paul Holden alias StrmnNrmn, Developer s & rsquo; Daedalus N64 Emulator, s & rsquo; embarked on the project of creating a N64 emulator in Javascript. And the least that & rsquo; we can say, c & rsquo; is that & rsquo; it is on track.

He opened aujourd & rsquo; hui un blog to talk about this emulator and its evolution. For the moment, it n & rsquo; is not complete (no management & rsquo; audio, no backup, incomplete GUI implementation), but lets start some Roma (j & rsquo;'ve just tested quickly SM64).

Here is a video showing the start SM64

And another video showing the beginning of the game

For those who are interested, the source code is available on github (and freely downloadable). To run it, you will need either Chrome (up to date), be the last Nightly de Firefox (la 17.0a1).