Torchlight II is following Torchlight (logic ^^), Hack & Slash sorti en 2009 by the young studio Runic Games. Studio has in its ranks the Schaefer brothers, creators of the Diablo Franchise.

One feature of Torchlight is that & rsquo; it is fully customizable via mods, and with a group of people, s it & rsquo; was launched in full translation Game. Translation that & rsquo; it ended a few months later to almost 100% (some texts n & rsquo; were not modifiable).

C & rsquo; is logically, following the release of Torchlight II, I am, again, together with a few people in order to, again, a French translation.

The translation is complete, but some errors may still exist (in addition to problems related to the game translation system). Full details / downloads are available on Sourceforge project page :

Note that if you have the game via Steam, you can get the translation through the Steam Workshop now :