Ce week-end a eu lieu le TGS 2012. I will not detail my whole day but just reverse the positive and negative points of this edition :

En positive :

  • Discussions with Nolife of staff who are always fun
  • Little chat with Florent Gorge which is also fun
  • Pop & rsquo; n in terminal and IIDX PS2 ^^
  • Vanilla Beans et Urbangarde (even if I n & rsquo; I almost could not see these second concert)
  • The classic dinner (but after-this time)
  • The pleasure of seeing some people I do not necessarily often.

In Negative :

  • Even if I & rsquo; had a presale, this n & rsquo; is not acceptable d & rsquo; have people who have to queue to enter the 4h.
  • Again and again late on the scene caused by the creation / balances of instruments, Sankara is still not to the point on this point (or, you have to let higher margins in the planning).
  • Poor organization of & rsquo; space (Misplaced Amphi that creates a bottleneck & rsquo; strangulation, bit wide corridors, etc…)
  • Security guys who think more with their muscles that & rsquo; with their brains (seen and heard).
  • We can forget about the car parking level.

I concede that some items may be had to the fact that & rsquo; s it & rsquo; d is & rsquo; a new location, However, d & rsquo; other points are still recurring d & rsquo; year by year.

To finish, Here are some photos taken on Sunday. Sorry, c & rsquo; is not much varied but good, saw the people and the various concerns d & rsquo; organization, j & rsquo; have often sought to find a way that & rsquo; to stop to take pictures.