La version 3.5 Dolphin was released for Christmas.

This includes a number of & rsquo; improvements / additions as :

  • Support de l’adaptateur ethernet gamecube. Allowing the games & rsquo; operator can make online parts.
  • Support du micro gamecube.
  • Support WBFS format for images of wii games (WBFS brings compression and cutting images)
  • Support des wiimotes pour OSX Mountain Lion
  • Support de FreeBSD
  • TAS and recording improved parts
  • Free replacement of Roma LLE DSP (supports only very few games)
  • Improved & rsquo; interface
  • Checking & rsquo; integrity Wii pictures
  • Optimisation du cache shader
  • Many small corrections in & rsquo; emulation

This version is available on the new official site of the & rsquo; emulator :