Fez was released on May 1 PC, and from that day, I try to do a little above speedrun, for pleasure, with the provisos that :

  • Finish 209.4% (le max possible)
  • 2 to 4 segments (the single segment is impossible because d & rsquo; a puzzle that requires changing the & rsquo; time PC has very specific hours, The hours of the launch random & rsquo; a new game), see if the game crash (because the game is still very buggy).
  • All cubes / anti-cubes / recipes / artifacts
  • Full Heart
  • Complete and fully gilded card

I m & rsquo; was set the goal of & rsquo; go below the 2 hours, and a test conducted just a few tens of minutes m & rsquo; has given time & rsquo; approximately 1:57, despite some errors. Concerning the total time, it is the time between when I “new game” and when Gomez leaves his house in the ending sequence (dernière interaction possible).

J & rsquo; also want to post the link of Team Superplay Live, for fans of superplay : https://fr-fr.facebook.com/TeamSuperPlayLive

MAY 20/06 : Updating my run with a time of 1:44:21.