You have so much game that you no longer know where you are ? So, Backloggery is for you…

That & rsquo; is it Backloggery ? s it & rsquo; is, basically, d & rsquo; a website to keep track of & rsquo; advancement in your video games.

More in detail, here's a list of features :

  • Listing your games per system
  • Safeguarding the & rsquo; & rsquo state; progress of your games (completed, In progress, completed, number of successes, etc…)
  • Statistics on completion rates games per system / total
  • Ability to leave an opinion on the game + a note
  • List of games you play now
  • Small Log your progress
  • etc…

The site is entirely in English, more, as long as you have some knowledge, c & rsquo; is not very complicated to understand.

So, after m & rsquo; to be used this blog to manage my list of games, j & rsquo; I decide to go through now Backloggery to manage it. And now, j’ai 579 games and DLC and I & rsquo;'m done 159 (env. 28%).

Here is the link to my backloggery if you are interested :