I know it's been a while since I don & rsquo; have not updated this blog, but OK, j & rsquo; had nothing very interesting to put…

Up & rsquo; to aujourd & rsquo; hui ^^

After watching the first series & rsquo; Sakura Taisen FVO, I said to myself : “Why not try to pretend with DAICON IV : pass the series in HD !”

Edit : bon, ben, I just saw that 2 first series & rsquo; OAV and the first film came out in Japan in Bluray Region Free, priced at ¥ 18,000 / € 140 for the FVO cabinet and ¥ 7,500 / € 58 for the film.

Suddenly, I left in VirtualDub and the search for good filters. And after 1 to 2 hours & rsquo; test, I think starting to find the right compromise. Proof, the images below :


That rendering VLC for part of the first episode. As can be seen in the 4th picture, l & rsquo; drawback, c & rsquo; is that the areas not very clipped / marked, rendering is rather vague. But in terms of the characters face as, rendering is very good, I find ^^ It gives a good facelift to that FVO 1998 (15 years ago…).

Of course, do not expect that I post links to download the results (copyright, coughed…) but I give you the list of filters and their configuration (j & rsquo; have changed the configuration relative to that used on the images to reduce blur generated by the warp sharp):

  • smart deinterlace 2.8 beta 1 : Frame only – Cubic interpolate – Motion map denoising – Motion Threshold : 15 – Scene change threshold : 100
  • MSU Cartoon Restore 2.0 beta : Advanced Mode – Fuzzy Adaptive Filter – Light Artifact Reduction
  • resize : New Size : 900×720 – Letterbox to aspect ration : 16:9
  • warp sharp : depth : 100 – blur : 6
  • hue/saturation/intensity : saturation : 1.15 – intensity : 1.10

Here's a look 5 first minutes of the first episode of the first series & rsquo; FVO (without generic, otherwise blocks Youtube Video).

Edit : No video, rights holders (or when the automatic system Youtube Challenges) n & rsquo; have not apparently liked my house hack.