You may have noticed that the blog was down for a while. It is because of 2 troubles :

  • The first is of an attack from the & rsquo; Mavenhosting host which impacted their servers and need to restore d & rsquo; an old backup site (dating from the month & rsquo; August).
  • Then, the triggering of the safety system of the server, apparently, was consuming too much of my site on the server (which is that & rsquo; some PHP pages not very heavy and d & rsquo; a WordPress plugin with some). And n & rsquo; was not the first time that this problem survenais (5 time since an update of their servers at the beginning of & rsquo; year, but never before).

Suddenly, j & rsquo; he decided a week ago to change d & rsquo; hosting and go home PlanetHoster.

Hoping that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; there will be no surprises this time ^^