J & rsquo; had made a article there is a little more than 2 years about the French translation of Fate of the World.

Sadly, which allowed the site to download the translation n & rsquo; longer exists, and n & rsquo; not with the translation in hand (which was mostly based on Google Trad), j & rsquo; have decided to (re)start on my side. For the moment, l & rsquo; interface is largely translated.

For the & rsquo; you must have installed the version 1.1.2 de Fate of the World. Then go into the game folder, then in local share in LC_MESSAGES. Rename this file fotw.mo and set it on .mo file in the & rsquo; archive available below. Start the game, and if you selected the options English, then the game will be in French.

Why not create a file en (to be d & rsquo; also known as the French game) ? In many, a bug that if the & rsquo; it created / en uses the file, the numbers will be displayed with & lsquo; #’ instead of & lsquo;,’, the n & rsquo; is difficult to read.

Here is the link to download : http://downloads.cracrayol.org/divers/fotw.7z (1171/3585 translated strings (32%) – 19/07/2014 20:30). 7z also contains the source file .po, whether to continue / correct the translation.

Note that the game has been criticized on Nolife and it is available on Noco (Subscription required) : http://noco.tv/emission/2155/nolife/critique/fate-of-the-world-pc