I just d & rsquo; acquire ZTE Open C, and my first thing that I & rsquo; did (after ssay quick phone), c & rsquo; rooter is the phone and d & rsquo; put a Firefox 2.1.

And as I & rsquo; have struggled to find the few necessary files, here's a little tutorial to help you Windows (Open C EN only) ^^

Before you start, you need to download these files :

Here is the procedure for rooter your Open C. Tested under Windows 7 x64 et Windows 8.1 x64 virtualisé :

  • Install ZTE Drivers.
  • Stop your phone to remove the SIM card of it, time process, then turn it on.
  • Enable remote debugging, on your phone (Parameters -> Informations -> More & rsquo; information -> Developers -> Check remote debugging) and connect it to the PC.
  • If Windows n & rsquo; not correctly install the drivers, go to the device manager and manually install the drivers by indicating the d & rsquo record; ZTE install drivers (by default, under x64 : C:\Program FilesZTE 3GPhone USB DriverDrivers)
  • Once installed and recognized, open the root pack.
  • At & rsquo; within that zip is 2 Other zip. Unzip the zip file first (P821A10_FR_ENG_20140806) wherever you want and start the d & rsquo program installation includes in the second zip file (PSTW_SDT_OPENC_Upgrading_toolV1.0.0B01).
  • Lancez le Open C Upgrade Tool (by default : Tous les programs / Open C Upgrade Tool). If everything is good, the program will display “Connected”
  • Click on “Browse” and specify the folder you unzipped earlier (celui du P821A10_FR_ENG_20140806). The program must indicate “Ready”.
  • Click on “Update”. Let the process unfold up & rsquo; after. The phone will automatically restart.

Voila, you are normally root. To check, install ADB, and type this command (in a command prompt) : “adb shell id”. Si root s’affiche, c & rsquo; is that c & rsquo; is successful ^^.

Arrived the, you can :

  • Build yourself your own version of Firefox OS and & rsquo; install yourself, following the guide de Mozilla.
  • Use a picture Pre-built.
  • Installer ClockworkMod as recovery and install backups such as this one. Put like ClockworkMod recovery (or launch via fastboot) will also allow you to do a full backup of your phone, and restore in case of problems.

And, Once rebooted, you have d & rsquo fonts, weird writing (du style Courrier New), then use this petit package to update the fonts (c & rsquo; is the same package that’here but with a bat + adb to do under windows). Just unzip it and run the flash.bat (make sure you are always remote debugging). Once finished, Firefox OS will restart and d & rsquo fonts, entries will be good.

Note : if you need to run the phone in bootloader mode, then you have to go into the device manager (Once started, the bootloader). You should see an Android device not recoonu. You must then indicate the Alcatel drivers folder (To download here) pour installer le pilote Android Sooner Single ADB Interface.

EDIT : The website of ZTE France being in cabbage, I pack provides root directly on my site.