For those who follow some Firefox OS know that the ZTE Open C largely shares the same architecture as the Flame (reference phone for Firefox OS).

Sadly, developing the Flame are now spent on a kernel android KitKat, while the & rsquo; Open C is still on the Jelly Bean (at least, until ZTE wants to publish an update on the passing KitKat). This means that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; there are more update of B2G / Gaia on the nightly Mozilla has updated for the ZTE Open C, as used in the previous article.

But I just saw that now offers community builds for the & rsquo; C Open (So unofficial), with the latest in days. They are available here :

3 versions are available : Beta (stable – v2.0) is updated every month, la version Aurora (fairly stable – v2.1) all the 15 days and nightly Version (unstable – v2.2) everyday.

The d & rsquo process plant goes through the recovery mode phone (obtainable by stopping and starting the phone leaving supported the button Vol +). Then, or is told a file on the SD card, or is transferred via PC (Windows/Mac/Linux) et ADB. Installed, future updates will be directly through the internet.