Crunch Time! is a small indie game type TCG (Trading Card Game) in which the & rsquo; goal is to finish creating your video game before your opponent. It costs 4$ in Indie Game Stand, but still 35h approx., you can l & rsquo; get for the price you want (0.25$ minimum), always with Indie Game Stand.

L & rsquo; drawback, c & rsquo; is that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; is that & rsquo; in English and Spanish. And as it n & rsquo; there is not too much text, j & rsquo; have decided to get into the translation of it. You can get the file here.

However, the game is done using Unity, you will have even import these files in the file ressources.assets, with (for example) Unity Asset Editor (UAE).

Here's what to do :

  • Go to the data folder of Crunch Time and make a copy of the file ressources.assets (in case of trouble).
  • Download and unzip UAE
  • Lancez UAE
  • Open the file ressources.assets located in the data folder of Crunch Time
  • Once loaded, select one 3 files to replace (Texts, TextsCards ou TextsProjects) and make a right-click -> Import
  • Select the matching translated file.
  • Once the 3 Imported files, faites File -> Save As, and overwrite the file ressources.assets.
  • Start the game and select the Spanish language.

Voili voilou. I think maybe also send the translation to the & rsquo; author (Once finished). It could also l & rsquo; interest.