Today & rsquo; hui, j’ai reçu ma New 3DS Ambassador Edition. It s & rsquo; d is & rsquo; s a limited edition that & rsquo; n & rsquo purchase, proposed that & rsquo; some people via an email campaign from Nintendo. Moreover, it was distributed before the official release of the console in Europe (the output 13 February).

Here is a small article in fashion & lsquo; Unpacking & rsquo;. D & rsquo; first, photos :

As we can see, Console and accessories of this limited edition are placed in a dedicated box. It therefore contains :

  • Une New 3DS Ambassador Edition
  • A set of shells Super Smash Bros..
  • Un stand de recharge vertical (without charger !!)

Before talking about the console, talking quickly stand. This allows charging the console by placing it in a vertical position, hinges down. For my part, I still prefer the charging stand for classical 3DS, although this is more stylish, have the console vertically give everything a little less stable than the stand laid flat 3DS. Note that the underside of the stand allows to roll the charger cable to only use the required length to get to the decision.

Now the console. It comes with the lower shell already mounted, but the top is at hand. The hull Ambassador displays on top & lsquo; Nintendo’ in Japanese (Nintendo), while the bottom displays the Nintendo logo, all in a glossy plastic, This contrasts somewhat with the matt white of the console.

On the top of the console, thus we have the 2 pictures objectives and the usual information such as serial number, pictograms, patents, etc… The hull is easy to. Simply slide the 2 projection of the shell in the notches then clipped thereof. It can also & rsquo; remove easily with notch on both sides.

The list below contains the battery as well as the location of the stylus (that n & rsquo; is telescopic) and the MicroSD (MicroSD 4GB was provided). Disadvantage compared to the 3DS classic : Once the hull up, we can no longer remove the MicroSD, so plan a high capacity MicroSD (if you are a follower of dematerialized) if you do not want to disassemble your shell too often. For the hull, the implementation is as for the one above except that it is, more, secured by two screws, to d & rsquo; & rsquo avoid that, she unhooks during gaming sessions.

On the upper sides, on a les 2 settings for the 3D volume and the, each side of the & rsquo; screen. Both settings have a small notch to block off the strip when the sound or 3D. On the side of & rsquo; lower screen, one in behind 4 trigger buttons (L, ZL, R, ZR), the power port, the location of the strap and the infrared port. In front is the cartridge slot, the & lsquo; & rsquo Power;, headphone jack, style and different diodes.

The upper front panel contains the & rsquo; 3D screen, l & rsquo; façade goal, a light sensor and 2 loudspeakers. The underside contains the main stick, the cross, Stick the new C, buttons A, B, X and Y in the colors of the SNES, The Start and Select buttons located on the side (like DS Lite) and the Home button under the & rsquo; screen.

The screens are slightly larger than those of conventional 3DS but still lower than the version XL. From the little that I & rsquo;'ve seen yet, the colors of the screens & rsquo; slightly warmer air. New feature, the head tracking for 3D works quite well. However, flashing light is visible when the & rsquo; screen size during head movements. Automatic brightness also works (but I don & rsquo; did not do intensive tests, just test by lighting / extinguishing the light in the room).

Stick for C, I l & rsquo; have not tested with a game (je vais ressortir Resident Evil Revelation ^^) but his feeling / operation is the same as the trackpad d & rsquo; a laptop.

To finish, talk about the system. While the console is provided d & rsquo; galley with welcome release (What a demo) de Tomodachi Life. The version of the system is 9.0.0-20E. 2 New options are also available in the Quick Setup menu (l & rsquo; top icon, left). It s & rsquo; is the & rsquo; / off the automatic brightness and Wifi / NFC (This replaces the physical button classic 3DS).

Voila, c & rsquo; s all for this unpacking. New 3DS If this tempts you, it will be released on 13 February (and collectors editions are already available for pre-scheduled and).