It's been long time since I & rsquo; had not posted any blog post. Must say, that & rsquo; right now, c & rsquo; is mainly games, stream and Programming.

J & rsquo; started, a few weeks ago, making a v3 Pibui with, goal, to make more clean code (Pibui was programmed fast enough and the code is quite “sale” ^^), add some features and fix some points from the current version. I want to also do something more generic, which could be used to d & rsquo; other random scattering sites videos.

It is available here (at least, during the development phase) : and, Forward, replace the & rsquo; current version and, if I consider it sufficiently clean / readable code, also broadcast code.

For the moment, I'll just give the various components that I & rsquo; used in the current v3 :

    • Fat-Free Framework : un framework PHP simple (the base file weighs only 71KB), lightweight and with a number of rather interesting features (templates, routing, ORM, cache, …).
    • F3 Cortex : a plugin for Fat-Free Framework improvers & rsquo; ORM thereof.
    • Prologue Theme : A theme “responsive” Using the framework Skel.
    • jQuery : Facilitating the famous JavaScript library, inter alia, l & rsquo; use & rsquo; AJAX calls, la manipulation DOM, …
    • Select2 : A jQuery plugin improving the & rsquo; display / use of HTML Select.
    • Smallipop : A jQuery plugin to make custom tooltips.
    • FitVids.JS : A jQuery plugin for rendering video player “responsive”.
    • Ion.Tabs : A jQuery plugin to easily generate tabs.
    • jsGrid : A jQuery plugin to generate dynamic charts.
    • Font Awesome : A policy containing hundreds of icons.

Here's what that & rsquo; integrates v3 when j & rsquo; write this post :

  • Random broadcast clips
  • Tag with possibility d & rsquo; indicate the favorite tags or ignore
  • Filter system
  • List of last clips
  • Search clips with ability to search via title, l & rsquo; author and / or tag
  • Button to find a clip on CD Japan
  • Choice of clips selection mode (Aleatory, semi-random or tags only)
  • Register / Login via Mozilla Persona
  • Administration :
    • Adding clip

And what is planned :

  • Playlist system with public playlist directory.
  • Administration des tags, authors, users, …

And if I & rsquo; have motivation

  • Manage different sites videos (not just Youtube)
  • System's comments with video

Voila, I think n & rsquo; forget anything ^^