Deus Ex: Revision (or DX Revision) is a mod for the game Deus Ex that improve several elements of the game as the graphics, music, level design, … pushing as much as possible the old Unreal engine up to its limits. It included some mods like BioMode or Shifter.

The problem is that this mod is only available for the Steam version of the game, the owners of the original version or the GOG games are put on the tile… Officially…

In fact, it is possible to use Deus Ex Revision with the CD / GOG version of the game using an alternative launcher. For this you need :

The install is rather simple :

  • Install the game
  • Install, if your game is not GOTY, the 1.112fm patch
  • Install DX Revision. Doon't forget to disabling the launch of Steam at the end of the Installation
  • Install the VC++ redistributable 2015
  • Unzip the Deus Exe zip in DeusExSystem folder, overwriting the original exe file
  • Delete the file Revision.exe and make a copy of Deusex.exe file and rename it Revision.exe
  • aaaa
  • Change the DeusEx System Revision.ini file to replace & lsquo; int’ by 'frt', at the line containing 'Language =’
  • Start the game via Revision.exe (not deusex.exe).
  • Go to 'Configure', and verify that the Direct3D 9 rendering is selected
  • You can then enable BioMode and/or Switcher by going in “Data Directories”
  • finally, click Play
  • There you go !

I've quickly tested my CD version of the game, and for the moment, the only point that I've noticed, is that the subtitles in the intro sequence are not present because of the Revision generic.

I've create this tutorial, using those links :