I bought it a few days ago a NAS Western Digital MyCloud Mirror Gen2. This one comes with a DLNA Twonky Server and also offers the possibility to install Plex.

After some tests with Plex (which proves too heavy for this NAS and compared to the size of my library), I returned on Twonky. The problem, is that the version included in the latest firmware (currently the 2.21.111) is here 7.2.9 and it has already 2 years. So I scanned the net and do some search on the NAS to see if it was possible to update it.

After checking, I saw that the provided server was located in a read-only area, even for the root user, and to change it directly, there was no alternative but to compile yourself the NAS firmware, with the attendant risks (blocking NAS).

I saw also that launching the server use, in fact, a folder containing symbolic links to all files (except a folder) located in the locked area. So I tried to replace this folder full of links with the new version of the server. Result : it works !!! However, License included with the NAS seems to work only with that version. Result, you have to purchase a license in order to not be limited by the limit of 30 days (License costs just 15 € month).


Here is the procedure to update Twonky on MyCloud Mirror Gen2 (and perhaps on other recent NAS model from Western Digital).

  • Log in to your NAS interface, go to Settings -> Multimedia and disable the DLNA Media Server.
  • Then go to Settings -> Network and enable SSH function (you must specify a password for the user sshd).
  • Finally go to Settings -> Tools and restart your NAS (to be sure Twonky is not launched).
  • Download the latest Marvell Armada processors Twonky here : (currently Version 8.3)
  • Download an SCP client for accessing the whole structure of NAS (eg. WinSCP Portable)
  • Launch your SCP client and connect to your NAS by its IP, sshd as username and the password previously defined.
  • If everything is good, you will see the server tree. Then go to the / usr / local
  • You will see a twonky folder. Rename it twonky_bak. (in case you want to revert to the version included in the firmware)
  • Create a twonky folder and put inside the content of the server archive file downloaded earlier.
  • Change the permissions of files / folders 776.
  • Copy (and replace) the following files, the / usr / local / modules / Twonky to / usr / local / Twonky (in their respective directories)
    • twonkyserver-default.ini
    • resources/devicedescription-WDMyCloudMirror.txt (en le renommant devicedescription-custom-settings.txt)
  • Log in to your NAS interface, go to Settings -> Multimedia and enable the DLNA Media Server.
  • If everything is good, the Version field should display the new version. In this case, you still have to go in your Twonky interface (<nas_ip>:9000) and configure it properly.

Twonky 8.3 Twonky 8.3

However, there is a heavy disadvantage : your file will be deleted and recreated the links on every restart NAS. It will therefore repeat the whole procedure.