Today & rsquo; hui, up to 6:10 in order to prepare for the visit of Sento Imperial Palace provided to 9.30 (the tour had been booked ago 1 month).

The palace Sento is a former palace for retired emperors which there remain only a few buildings but especially to visit his garden with a large pond and various facilities.

We arrive on site around 9am and, already, the sun is very strong (there is no principle of summer time / winter time – So the sun rises around 6am and sets about 18:30). The tour lasts 1 hour and is very nice.

After the visit, it is clear to the Nijo Castle, with a stop at a supermarket to see local products and take something to eat lunch (instant noodles ^^). We walked the gardens of the castle and visited the palace Ninomaru.

After the visit, we returned to the hotel, around 13:30, where we ate our purchases from the supermarket and takes a nap.

16h, we headed towards the temple Higashi Hongan-ji (I had planned to do on Monday) to take some pictures and see inside.

We then head towards the old building Nintendo, history to take a picture in front of it (Nintendo is a company Kyoto). Then we ended up back in the shopping area to do some shopping.

We finished the day in a Kaitenzushi (sushi restaurants where sushi spend on a treadmill) and got back to the hotel to prepare the luggage, for tomorrow, direction Miyajima.