This 5th day we leave Kyoto to make us the side of Hiroshima, on the island of Miyajima / Itsukushima.

Up at 5am to take shinkansen Hiroshima at 8 am, then a train to Miyajimaguchi (~ 30 min d'Hiroshima). Once there (~11h), luggage at the hotel and ferry it takes to get us on the island are allowed.

First stage, it is clear to the Itsukushima Shrine and the famous Torii plunging into the inland sea. For that, a shopping arcade is crossed with many shops, mainly souvenirs. But some also sell cookies Momiji manju, local specialty.

Then visit the shrine but the main attraction is the great Torii, that we can achieve when the tide is low (which was our case).

After this visit, we wandered a bit in the village, then we went to eat in a Japanese restaurant where we tried some Japanese dishes (I could not tell you the name, but there was soba noodles with), all sitting on tatami mats.

After lunch (~14h30), we headed to the park Momijidani to take the cable car which took us to walk ~ 30min mont Misen, the top of the island (535m). We are therefore went to the top which makes for a great view of the inland sea and the various islands in the area.

After that, we are back on the village of Miyajima using hiking trails connecting the village to the top. We chose to take the one who came to the temple Daisho-in, whose duration is approximately 1:30 for downhill and consists of many steps (we easily over a thousand walk I think).

Revenue of strong village sweats, we returned to the hotel, where we took a Japanese-style room. Et is… disappointment because it turns out that the room, although spacious (sleeping 4 people) stayed “in his juice” and seems stuck in the 80s… In short we did with (there are only 2 nights). Tomorrow management Hiroshima.