Today was planned visit shrines and temples of Nikko, but the weather decided otherwise.

It was therefore up around 6:30 am in order to catch the train, but looking out surprise : it is raining, and not a little… Moreover, I had my shin that made me very ill (too much walking, false movement of the leg, mystery…). Suddenly, change of program, we decide to do what we had planned Saturday.

Around 9:30, we take the direction of the district’Akihabara, just to show the neighborhood of geeks and otaku Delphine (and remind me to it). But with the rain it was, we finally saw 2/3 stores and made a small flash passage arcade to avoid straying too far from the station.

Must say that despite the umbrellas, we quickly made to finish the wet pants. The worst being when crossing some narrow streets, it strong rushing wind and try to protect themselves while avoiding breaking the umbrellas because of the wind speed.

Short… After this passage “savings”, direction “Ikebukuro” away the Yamanote line. Arrived around 12 pm, we will make a trip to “Super Potato“, a retro game store. Then we head downtown “Sunshine City“, big mall base used for several office buildings (including a 60 floors).

Around 13:30, we stop in a burger restaurant in the gallery to eat a little (finally, not bad, because the burgers are therefore rather), then we'll take some pastries that really look like pastries (those found in grocery stores are more industrial than our industrial pastries).

then continues to browse the shops and ended up making a trip to the aquarium shopping center (the rain is almost stopped meanwhile). It is not very big (we are right and Tokyo over a commercial gallery) but it helps to pass the time.

17h, we decided to return to the hotel and got to it at 18h, one falls tired and we go to bed after having nibbled a little pastries lunch.