Today & rsquo; hui, it remains on Tokyo and the forecast weather and heat (more than 30 °). We get up around 7am, to leave the hotel around 9am. We pass a small shopping street leading to the Senso-ji temple before going to Metro.

Then we arrive in the neighborhood Ginza (the luxury district of Tokyo, although it good markets are also signs recently installed) 10:20 to go to the front Kabuki-za. It is specialized in the theater Kabuki, a form of traditional Japanese theater. We go to see a performance of a play. It was here “The revenge of the brothers Soga“.

11H50, we leave the theater we are moving towards the outer Tsukiji market. After a short walk through the few streets filled with stalls selling mainly fish and fish products (Tsukiji covered the largest fish market the world before it is moved 2018 in the neighborhood of Toyosu), towards a eatery a chain specializing in ramen. No high quality, there is a fast food style where people come, eat and go to work.

After lunch, steering artificial island of’Odaiba where we mostly lounged in commercial galleries. We made a small passage in the “History Garage” Toyota and the Venus Fort, before making a turn Daikanransha, Ferris wheel Odaiba (which was the largest wheel in the world when it was inaugurated with a height of 115m).

Around 17:30, we headed to Shinjuku to take, again, shoes Delphine before eating a small meal in the same restaurant chain that Sunday night : Torikizoku.

After lunch, Return to around 20h where Asakusa, after taking a few night shots of the sanctuary, we took the dessert in a konbini then headed back to the hotel.