Today & rsquo; hui, we get up early (6h) for the subway and the train 8:20. Direction : Kamakura, southwest of Tokyo.

We arrive at the station Kita-Kamakura (just north of the city center) 9:40 ET to visit the temples Tokei-ji and Jochi-ji.

Then we get into a short hike of about 3km through the woods, via the hiking trail Daibutsu (great Buddha). We met many students and some very friendly elderly people who have given us some information about the road in question (It was apparently an old road guard). We also got to see Mount Fuji.

After this crossing wooden, in the shade, we come to the big Buddha Temple in Kamakura, at 11:30 : the Kotoku-in. As one of the attractions of the city, there are many tourists, mainly foreign.

Midi arriving, we will eat in a small restaurant (Sometaro) Of type teppanyaki we have ourselves a cooked okonomiyaki and yakisoba.

Then towards the beach and the Pacific Ocean before up the main street to the temple Tsurugaoka hachiman-gu where it was able to attend a traditional wedding.

We then returned to the Kita-Kamakura Station, walk, to go to Tokyo.

The evening, we took lunch in a small restaurant next to the hotel : “Mr Danger“. It boasts a very tender meat and we can confirm, it was really tender. Then, we returned to the hotel.