Today & rsquo; hui, last full day in Tokyo and Japan (sniff). So, ca will mainly shops for souvenirs and some things I had planned, or that I had not had time to do. So, up around 7am to leave the hotel around 9am.

First we did some souvenir shopping in the street of shops leading to the Senso-ji temple. Then we took the subway / train, direction Ikebukuro.

Arrived at 24:40, we take the direction of Bozaikan. This is a fire prevention center and earthquakes, run by Tokyo station and offering free training (Japanese only, but the staff is great understanding and smiling and did not hesitate to find ways to make themselves understood – in our case, an automatic translator). In addition to training in the use of fire extinguishers and how to evacuate in case of fire, The most interesting was the earthquake simulator. We did the simulation of the earthquake in March 2011 (7 on’Shindo scale). And we can say that her shake lot !!

After that, we eat a burger at the same restaurant as last time (~15h). Et is, while Madame had sent a message to his mother to say we had a glass earthquake (to say it was one of the simulation)… a real earthquake occurs. What minimum fuck (a slight horizontal movement is felt, we were on the 8th floor – level 3 the Shindo scale) but surprising ^^.

We then returned to Super Potato to make a Super Famicom, then towards Yoyogi Park. I hoped to see bands sing but, Sadly, there was only one singer.

We then made a quick transition to Meiji-jingu, one of the main shrines of Tokyo, before closing thereof (~17h30).

After that, Back in Asakusa, where we have made a small passage in a supermarket to get some food at the hotel. Then we prepared our bags for departure the next day.