Last day in Japan 🙁 We get up at 6am to prepare everything and put away, then we leave our hotel at 9am, towards Tokyo Station.

Once there at 9:45, we go to the quay of Narita Express and we see that we have to take a ticket to reserve a seat (even if it costs us nothing with the JR pass). Result, we miss the train at 10:03 am and I hurry to go to the ticket office to take tickets for the next one at 10:33 am (and a couple of Italians were in the same situation as us ^^).

We arrive at the airport at 11:40 am. We will return the sim card that we rented in case (and which will not have served finally) then we pass all the formalities (drop off luggage, security, immigration, etc…).

We get on the plane around 1:10 p.m., and it takes off on time, with a small ball on the belly at the time of takeoff. Flight duration : 11h. During the flight, I could see “A family matter“, palme d’or 2018.

We arrive in Amsterdam around 6.30 p.m.. After a new passage of formalities (security, immigration), We are waiting for the plane to Toulouse. This one will have a small delay of 5min.

Finally, we arrive in Toulouse around 10:30 p.m. where the stepfather comes to pick us up. After picking up some things and the dog from the parents-in-law, we take the car and arrive at our house around 0h. End of our trip to Japan… Snif…